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Coaching Passion

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Hello my name is James Marris and I began Aurora Zone Coaching in 2006 with a passion and desire to help New Zealanders achieve more from life and business.

Being self employed since 1994 I have worked across multiple industries and experienced the highs of great success as well as the low of one heart wrenching failure.

Needless to say I have learnt many lessons and gained valuable knowledge and techniques that help you achieve excellence in all you do.

A question I'm often asked by people I meet and even some family and friends is, "what exactly is it that you do?"

"Well I'm like roadside assistance for life and business; if you break down or get lost, give me a call and I'll be there to help you find the way and get you running better than ever". 

What is Coaching?


When we think of coaching, more than likely what comes to mind for most New Zealanders is the field of sports coaching. Hey why wouldn't we as we continue to excel on the world stage.

However more recently, life and business coaching has become more prevalent as people and business realise the importance of having a professional in your corner to help you achieve more and to overcome any limiting factors that hold you back from true excellence.

There are of course many forms of modern day coaching, from relationship coaching to health and wealth coaching to career coaching and more.

The coaching I provide sits firmly in the business and leadership coaching arena, with most of my clients coming to see me to understand more about themselves and adjust the unhelpful behaviours and beliefs that hold them back from achieving their true potential.

Why Coaching?


OK I understand; coaching is an investment and commitment for your hard earned money and time. We also live in a busy, confusing and complex world with plenty of distractions and more than the odd mixed message.

So is it alright to ask you a few questions?

"Are your relationships or business on the rocks and a millions miles away from where you planned or thought they would be?"

"Have you read every self-help book you can get your hands on, yet you're still no further ahead"

"Are you afraid to say to your closest friends, family or colleagues, that this time you're going to make the change, because they've heard it all before"

" You know deep down what the real problem is, but you're afraid to face it"

Well you're not alone as these were the exact same questions I was asking myself in 2004 and I found the answers and so much more.