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With 30 years experience running businesses; the past 10
as a coach, I have the knowledge, expertise and proven track 
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About James Marris

James Marris, coaching, leadership, hamilton, new zealand, aurora zoneHello, my name is James Marris and I’m a Success Coach & Trainer, husband, proud Dad, part time veggie gardener and passionate about learning and development.

In my early work life I cut my teeth in the textile and hospitality industries before beginning my first business in 1994. Since then I have owned and operated 5 different businesses including hospitality, software design, audio media and since 2006 Coach, Trainer and Keynote Speaker at Aurora Zone Coaching.

I have an inherent interest in psychology and study enthusiastically the latest Neuroscience and how this applies to leadership, business and life today.

Tertiary qualified my programs have been developed from a fusion of world class behavioural models and my own study, research and experiences. They are tried and tested principles designed for your success and happiness, that work with the human mind.

About Aurora Zone Coaching

dawnIn the twilight of the 20th century it was suggested that the millennium bug (Y2K) would strike at the stroke of midnight 1999 and bring the world to a complete standstill.

Happily it didn't although for me the world did come to a complete standstill a year later when my marriage ended following the failure of a business that I had founded.

I was devastated and quickly reverted to survival mode, locking myself away and blaming everyone involved and accepting no responsibility for myself. Luckily for me family and friends stuck close and I ever so slowly began to move forward again.

When a friend recommended I complete practitioner programmes in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) things really began to accelerate in the right direction with relationships, business, finances, fun, health, personal development and more. 

Then it dawned on me that if it had happened to me there are going to be others facing the same problems. I now had the tools and resources to help, so in 2006 I founded Aurora Zone Coaching.

Vision and Values

Our Vision

"Growing Communication - Self | Other | Business"

Our Values

Respect - We all bring a piece of the world, which we value equally.

Learning - For us to change the world, first we must develop ourselves.

Community - Growing better communities by using the skills we have learnt.

Creating - Building the difference that leaves a legacy.

Fairness - Spreading compassion in a biased world.

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