Power Coaching

"Possible in the world, possible by you,
       it's only a question of how?"

Coaching with the Mind and Body


Like you; each and every coaching client who walks into the Aurora Zone has a unique set of values, beliefs and behaviours that have been nurtured, practiced and set over the years into who your are.

Often we look through our eyes and filters with a sense of fear and allow others to influence our beliefs about ourselves that inevitably limit us and what we can achieve.

Coaching is the process that allows you to review and check what is happening in your mind and body and find new, better ways of thinking and being you.

"Knowledge is power"; and knowledge of yourself and how you tick will give you the power to be your best more often and with purpose.

Ultimately isn't that what you really want?


Coaching, Pokeno Bacon and our Mind

When I first moved to Hamilton from Auckland back in the 90's State Highway 1 used to meander through some very cool little towns including Pokeno, where it was traditional to stop for an ice cream and a bacon butty sandwich.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and an expressway began to be developed between Auckland and Hamilton bypassing Pokeno through the wetlands of the Waikato. It got washed away and rebuilt a few times but now we have a safer and faster route to travel.

However the old route still remains and if you choose to you can take the back roads and stop in Pokeno for your bacon and ice cream fix.

So your mind including behaviours and beliefs are very like those roads, and coaching is the architect that helps you build the new safer and faster ways as you navigate through your world. Those old ways will still exist but over time will crumble and fade away into history.